you were fucking perfect.


ps. have at this summer playlist i threw together. it’s less of a mix and more of a short list of the songs that i’ve been obsessing over this summer.

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jacket: f21 – mesh dress: hips & curves – necklace: lori’s shoes – heels: christian sirano for payless – skirt: domino dollhouse – watch: michael kors

since fall starts tomorrow i figured it was about the right time for me to magically reappear as if it hasn’t been 8 months since the last post. also since i broke the lens on my camera and was forced to hang out with brittney today, why not kill two birds with one stone? i’ve been eyeing this skirt from domino dollhouse since the nuclear seasons collection dropped and finally ordered it last week when they were having a 50% sale. it’s pretty goddamn great even if it’s a little big in the waist. the mesh dress is one that i bought from hips & curves and it was definitely a wardrobe staple this summer. the varsity jacket is from forever21 (last year) and the shoes are from the christian siriano collection at payless.

anyway, you can expect actual timely updates since the temperature is dropping, which means all my hemlines will be rising.



(photos by me, lindsey and summer)

Earlier this month a group of friends and I decided to visit Los Angeles for four days as a mini-vacation. After months of working crazy hours and being stressed, this was definitely right on time. I’ve been to San Francisco before but never LA so I was super excited. This vacation also gave me a chance to see Jay who I hadn’t seen since the YFF Conference in 2010 and also Summer who I had yet to meet in-person. I didn’t get a chance to meet Princess Julia but I’m positive I’ll be back on the west coast sooner rather than later. I did, however, go to In-n-Out for the first time, thanks to Summer.

Anyway, I’m sure no one cares much about all that I did but I’ll say that it was incredibly fun and that my friends are fucking great. The highlight was definitely visiting the Museum of Death on Hollywood Blvd. I’m way into stuff like that so even though there were looks of horror on everyone’s face as we pulled up, it was an amazing time. I didn’t take my photos of my outfits while there unfortunately. I packed about 12 outfits and changed outfits many times per day haha.

Enjoy the photos!



jacket – new look, sweatshirt – ebay, skirt – asos curve, shoes – target, rings – torrid, hat – asos

If you follow me on Instagram or Pinterest, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I’m in the midst of a love affair with the color white. There’s something about a crisp white shirt or pair of heels that’s been really appealing to me for the last two months. While I was up late one night, I was scouring the internet for the perfect white sweatshirt and I found one on ebay for $8. I am not exaggerating when I say that I wore this sweatshirt at least 3-4 times last week. I’ve worn it with everything from skater skirts and skinny jeans to pencil skirts and leather shorts (all black of course). The bigger picture is that I’m currently trying to stock up on wardrobe basics to fill the holes in my closet. This outfit is definitely a good basic outfit. You cannot go wrong with a leather jacket, sweatshirt and pencil skirt. Also, I’m not a sneaker girl by any means and I tried so hard to resist the sneaker wedge trend but… this is my second pair. Let’s not talk about it ok.

Anyway, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE good pop music and ever since I went to LA earlier this month (post to come), I’ve been obsessed with certain songs. So I figured I’d embed my current Spotify playlist full of songs that you’re probably tired of hearing but subconsciously love. This will become a thing on this blog so enjoy!


Welcome Back to Black

What is Fatshion Wasteland?

To be frank, I have no idea. What I do know is that it is absolutely not Musings of a Fatshionista. When I originally started that blog in March 2009, it was all in fun. There was no direction, no purpose other than gushing about stuff that I liked and was inspired by fashion-wise. As time went on, things just weren’t as fun as they previously were. Blogging became more of a job rather than a hobby and after awhile I all but threw in the towel. Every so often I’d get a tweet or email asking if I would ever blog again and I’d always reply that I didn’t have the time. This is me making time, with a few conditions. Part of the reason I got so bored with blogging is that, after a couple of years how much more could I talk about fashion?

One of my favorite sayings comes from Keith Buckley (from one of my favorite bands Every Time I Die, who you should all check out) “It is better to destroy than to create what is meaningless.” So I did. I killed Musings and here we are almost an entire year later, now what’s next? Obviously (my) fashion will still play a major part in this blog but I can guarantee that it won’t be the only thing. It’s part fashion, part design and part experimentation. Is it possible to meld all three things together and make a cohesive and interesting blog for most, if not, all? Again, I have no idea. So bare with me, it may be a little bumpy.

If you didn’t know, I work at a digital agency and spend most of my time designing ecommerce sites and figuring out exactly what users need to have a successful experience when engaging with interactive content. It’s interesting because as we all know, I shop a lot. 98% of everything I buy is through the internet so I play both sides of the fence as the designer and the consumer. I bring that up because I’ve found that the type of sites that I’m attracted to on a visual level (not including functionality-wise) are very similar to the fashion that I’m attracted to. Right now, I’m very much trying to test the limits of minimalism in my design as well as in my wardrobe. How much stuff can I strip away before there’s nothing interesting left? Even when redesigning this blog, I removed seemingly every “blog friendly” thing I could because I found it overwhelming and garish. How much information does the user really need to enjoy this site? Will they feel weird and uncomfortable when elements are not located in places they’re used to finding them? You tell me.

There is no search bar, there’s no archives, there’s no tags, there’s no sidebar links, there’s no social media. We’re trained to share, tweet, pin, reblog everything now. Can a new site become “successful” without it? I don’t know.

But I guess we’ll see.

After talking about being so inspired by minimalism, it’s actually quite funny that the inspiration for this outfit has been the Watch the Throne-era Kanye. For some reason, there was a lot of talk about his leather Givenchy skirt worn during the Hurricane Sandy concert when he’s actually been wearing it since the WTT tour in 2011. Anyway, there’s something about the overabundance of leather (or in my case faux-leather) that’s resonating with me. How much leather is too much leather? Is that even possible? I don’t think it is. I really liked the silhouette of Kanye’s look and wanted to re-interpret it. Layering a big slouchy sweater and faux leather pleated skirt over a sheer button-up with a faux-leather collar and faux leather leggings helped me recreate the look. Ideally I wanted to wear my sneaker wedges with this look but had to settle for black lace up wedges from Target (which throws off this look IMO). I’m pretty sure this is a look that I’ll be playing around with for the rest of Winter as it does an excellent job of keeping me warm.

sheer top – new look, oversize sweater – evans, necklace – lulu’s, skirt – eloquii, leggings – new look, wedges – target, coat – simplybe