(photos by me, lindsey and summer)

Earlier this month a group of friends and I decided to visit Los Angeles for four days as a mini-vacation. After months of working crazy hours and being stressed, this was definitely right on time. I’ve been to San Francisco before but never LA so I was super excited. This vacation also gave me a chance to see Jay who I hadn’t seen since the YFF Conference in 2010 and also Summer who I had yet to meet in-person. I didn’t get a chance to meet Princess Julia but I’m positive I’ll be back on the west coast sooner rather than later. I did, however, go to In-n-Out for the first time, thanks to Summer.

Anyway, I’m sure no one cares much about all that I did but I’ll say that it was incredibly fun and that my friends are fucking great. The highlight was definitely visiting the Museum of Death on Hollywood Blvd. I’m way into stuff like that so even though there were looks of horror on everyone’s face as we pulled up, it was an amazing time. I didn’t take my photos of my outfits while there unfortunately. I packed about 12 outfits and changed outfits many times per day haha.

Enjoy the photos!